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Judges featured in

Miss AI 2024 Winners

1st Place: Kenza Layli

Location: Morocco

2nd Place: Lalina

Location: France

3rd Place: Olivia C

Location: Portugal

About the awards

World First

The World AI Creator Awards (WAICA) is a first-of-its-kind global programme of awards dedicated to recognising the achievements of AI creators around the world.

Miss AI

The first instalment of the WAICAs is Miss AI - where traditional beauty pageantry is crossing the world of AI creators. Contestants will be judged on their beauty, tech, and clout for the chance to earn the Miss AI crown. 

Cash Prizes

The top three winning Miss AI contestants will be awarded prizes totalling over $20k, including a $5k cash prize to the winner, plus AI mentorship programmes, PR services and more courtesy of WAICA partner, Fanvue.

The Prizes

🥇 1st - $13k  

The AI creator crowned Miss AI will receive a stunning $5,000 cash prize thanks to our awards partner, Fanvue, plus access to Imagine Education's Mentorship Programme worth $3,000, AND PR support worth over $5,000.

🥈2nd - $5k

The runner-up in the inaugural Miss AI awards will receive free access to an Imagine Education course worth $500,  plus $2000 promotional package courtesy of fanvue, AND PR support worth over $2,500.  

🥉3rd - $2k

The third placed contestant will receive a free consultancy call with Imagine Education worth $500, plus a $500 promotional package courtesy of fanvue AND PR support worth over $1,000.  

The Judges

Aitana Lopez

International AI Creator &  +$100k fanvue earner

Andrew Bloch

Media founder, Entrepreneur & Lord Sugar’s PR advisor

Sally-Ann Fawcett

Beauty Pageant Historian & Author

Emily Pellegrini

International AI Creator &  +$100k fanvue earner

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In partnership with fanvue

Fanvue is the only subscription platform that allows AI content and combines AI messaging, voice notes and analytics to increase your earnings 24/7.

WAICA is delighted to welcome fanvue, the home of AI creators, as the inaugural partner.


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Contestants will be judged on some of the classic aspects of pageantry including their beauty, poise, and their unique answers to a series of questions like "if you could have one dream to make the world a better place what would it be?"


Contestants will earn points for their skill and implementation of AI tools used to create their digital masterpieces including use of Prompts and their output, and visual detailing around hands, eyes, and backgrounds.

Social Clout

AI Creators social clout will be assessed based on their engagement numbers with fans, rate of growth of audience and how utilisation of other platforms such as Instagram.


What is Miss AI?

Miss AI is the world’s first beauty pageant for AI-generated models brought to you by Fanvue. Its launch comes almost 200 years after the very first beauty pageant took place and will celebrate the technical skill and work behind digital influencer personas from across the world. The competition is also part of the wider awards programme World AI Creator Awards (WAICAs) which seeks to celebrate creators at the forefront of AI.

Who can enter?

To participate, you must be the creator behind an AI-generated model and have a social media presence. You should also be at least 18 years old and hold identification to verify this. 

What is the process to enter?

You will be asked to complete a series of questions and submit images relating to your AI model. Questions will cover the tech involved in creating them, how you’ve grown their audience along with more traditional pageantry questions.

What is the deadline to enter?

The deadline has now been extended to 10th May

When is the award ceremony?

The shortlist will be announced late May with more details on the ceremony to be confirmed following this.

Are there any restrictions on the use of AI tools/generators? 

No, Miss AI welcomes creations produced from any type of generator - whether it’s DeepAI, MidJourney or your own tool. However the creator must be 100% AI generated.

Can I submit multiple entries to the competition?

Yes, each creator can have unlimited entries in Miss AI  providing that each entry is a completely different AI-generated model. 

Is there a registration fee? 

No, Miss AI is completely free to enter for all participants.

Will my intellectual property rights be protected in this competition? 

We recognise and appreciate that so much time and creativity is put into the generation of AI models. You can rest assured that your intellectual property rights will be respected, but please read our T&Cs for more information. 

How will the competition be judged/ what is the criteria?

Each judge will use their wealth of expertise to assess contestants across three core categories; beauty, tech, and social clout. A points-based system will be used to score each creator across the three categories with each entrant given an overall score.

Who is sponsoring the competition?

Miss AI is sponsored by Fanvue, the world’s leading social subscription platform for AI-generated creators. 

Next award  coming soon.

Celebrating creators at the forefront of AI. Register your interest for the next World AI Creator Award.

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